Podcast 002: Should You Be A Magician For All Occasions?

How To Be A Professional Magician, Podcast 2

Should You Be a Magician For All Occasions?

In this episode we ask should you advertise that you are a “Magician for all occasion” on your marketing.

It’s likely that as a professional magician you already work at all types of occasions, and you will want to work at all types of events.

However, you don’t want to come across as a magician for all occasions to your prospective customers.

Firstly, it (and variations of it) are popular, and it is a phrased used by quite a lot of magicians on their websites and therefore it doesn’t make you stand out amongst the others.

What you really need to do is come across to your potential clients that you are an expert, and specialise and have experience in exactly the type of event they are arranging.

This could be be that you have the perfect act or perfect trick for their event, and this is communicated to them. Of course, it may be the same act or trick – but it is customised to fit.

This demonstrates you are an expert in this field. They will know that you are experienced at working at similar events, and makes you stand out against the other magicians who may now come across as “generic” by not specialising.

Setting up a website, having business cards and brochures that focus on a particular type of event will really demonstrate that you are expert in that field. At a minimum you should have separate pages on your website.

Once you have established to the prospective client that you are the expert magician they want, you can then cross-sell and tell them of secondary services you offer in addition to the primary service that they initially required.

This adding of extras to the primary service can increase the total income you are also able to generate from each individual booking.

Once at the booking you will be demonstrating that you are an expert in that field, but you can use the opportunity to let the guests know you can also be booked for other events, and therefore increase the number of repeat bookings and referrals you get.

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