Magic Theory & Presentation – Video Business Lesson

HTBAPM Theory and Presentation

In this business lesson we cover the subject of magic theory, and the presentation of your magic.

This is important because you need to make sure that people enjoy seeing your magic, because then they will want to book you to entertain at their events or recommend your services to other people.

Before you can perform strong memorable magic you need to introduce yourself to the guests and build rapport. Once you have established rapport and shown some fun and interactive magic you can then perform the magic that will create the long lasting memories of your performance.

Sales Process – Video Business Lesson

HTBAPM Sales Process

In this business lesson we cover the subject of sales processes. This is the most famous sales process of them all – A. B. C.

If you have worked in sales (or seen the film Glenngary Glen Ross) it’s likely that you will have heard of this acronym before. It stands for Always Be Closing.

We discuss what this means, and how you can use it not only to move conversations forwards, but also in a way to generate interest and enquiries in your magic services.

Brand Awareness – Video Business Lesson

HTBAPM Brand Awareness

In this business lesson we cover the subject of branding yourself, and creating brand awareness.

Before you even start to think about ways to market your magic business you need to develop your brand. It is important that your brand is unique and stands out against others, so don’t just copy another magician’s style.

Your brand doesn’t need a logo, simply deciding on what fonts and colours you will use is enough to get started, and it can develop as times goes on and your business evolves.

Ensure that you come across as an expert, and that your branding looks professional and conveys the style for the type of events you want to be working at.

Use your brand consistently in all your marketing, that way it will build the awareness with the audience; meaning that they will have familiarity with you when it comes to deciding which magician they want to book.

Wedding Fairs – Video Business Lesson

HTBAPM Wedding Fairs

In this business lesson we cover the subject of wedding fairs.

Wedding fairs are a great way to meet brides and grooms, show them a demonstration of your magic and discuss how you can entertain them and their guests on their wedding day.

We look at the types of wedding fair and how you can choose the best one for you to attend. What you need, and what you should do whilst you are there. Most importantly, we discuss what information you need to collect from the bride and groom, and how to use that information to follow up afterwards to increase the chances of you getting booked.