You’ve probably heard it said before, but “Magic Business” is more “Business” than “Magic”, and this section teaches you…

… Business marketing tips for magicians.

I realised when I wanted to turn professional that I didn’t need to learn new tricks to show the friends and family, but I needed to learn how to generate a different audience (that pays!) to show the same tricks to.

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Next, work your way through this step by guide to setting up your business, branding it effectively, marketing and advertising, and running your business so you can grow, expand, and generate a healthy income.

Finally there is also a guide on learning magic routines. I’m assuming that you have at least a little knowledge of performing magic – even if just as a hobby – but I touch on this because what tricks you like to perform, and what tricks the paying audience like, can be different. Don’t worry though, because your existing repertoire can be adjusted!

Jump right in with the first lesson:

  • Set up your magic business
  • Brand your magic business
  • Market your magic business
  • Run your magic business
  • Learn magic routines

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