Although not ready for release, I am able to publish the provisional contents of the course, which also includes mp3 audio files and videos. The full course is HUGE! Not only that, you will also have access to a members only forum for everyone to discuss the course and help each other along their way to becoming a full time professional magician. It will also include an exclusive 30 minute consultation with me, so I can help you make your magic business dreams a reality.

The course also contains templates for websites, emails, business cards, Facebook pages and contracts. It has spreadsheets for creating business plans, client databases and accounting.

It even includes the scripts for tricks (children’s magic, close-up and stage mentalism) to get you started in putting together your professional act. This even includes basic suggestion and hypnosis.

Seriously, this course can take the average person with a passing interest in magic and turn them into a full time professional with a growing and expanding career. It’s like a turn-key franchise, but for a one-off cost which enable you to create your own brand.

The course is currently being expanded with tons of additional content. Check back here regularly to see the full contents once finalised, or subscribe to get updates emailed directly to your inbox.