How To Be A Professional Magician Courses

Do you want to turn your hobby into an income stream? Do you dream of quitting the 9-to-5 and earning your income from performing magic?

Like many magicians you probably know plenty of tricks, but don’t where to start when it comes to setting up a business and getting bookings.

These courses are designed to give hobbyist and amateur magicians the grounding and confidence to build up their business. Semi-pro magicians (and pros who need more bookings) will find the courses useful to move their business forwards.

They to work from the ground up, covering the fundamentals of business. They don’t promise overnight success, and will require lots of works and effort on your part to get the most from them. But a few hours per evening is a little price to pay when a whole new way of life awaits you.

The full course is HUGE! It covers the fundamentals of building a magic business, all styles of magic (from starting with children’s shows through to weddings, parties, high end corporate events, trade shows and cruises. Once these fundamentals are covered it goes deeper into sales and marketing, and improves your magic with a section on magic theory and presentation. It also includes an exclusive 30 minute Skype consultation (worth $47.00) with me, so I can help you to make your magic business dreams a reality.

Not only that, the course also contains templates for creating a business plan, marketing emails, business cards, Facebook pages, client databases and even contracts.

You will develop the perfect repertoire for different situations, and how to keep your audience entertained. Included is the script for my Ambitious Card Routine, a true “worker”, and includes a suggestion/hypnotic kicker. If I can only perform one trick, it’s this one.

The course can take the average person with a passing interest in magic and turn them into a full time professional with a growing and expanding career. It’s like a turn-key franchise, but for a one-off cost which enables you to create your own brand.

If you want to focus your business in a certain area then abridged versions of the course are available. This is also a good option for a semi-pro who wants to focus on improving their business in a certain area. Please note that the 30 minute Skype consultation is not included in the specialist courses.

The courses are regularly expanded with tons of additional content (which updates automatically, even for users who have already purchased it) meaning you get immediate access to the latest lessons and updates.