Hi, I’m Robert Bone, and welcome to How To Be A Professional Magician.

How To Be A Professional Magician is a website that aims to teach you how to earn income from performing magic.

This isn’t a website just for tricks (there’s plenty of those!), but for marketing techniques and business tips essential for every professional.

Learn To Be A Professional Magician

Robert Bone MagicianThis website has core lessons applicable for any magic business, from entertaining at children’s parties through to staging theatre shows at corporate events. These are what I term the “standard” lessons, and most would apply to any style of entertainment (and probably almost any business!) and are what you need to get things started.

Nor is this just a site for theory and lessons. The Resources section provides you with links to products that should be in every magician’s arsenal, and also some downloadable templates to get you started.

Although this website is really designed for the amateur/hobbyist who is looking into the world of performing magic to earn money for the first time, the resources are in sufficient detail to take someone completely new to the field enough grounding to start putting an act together – and start earning money from that act!

More niche areas are explored in the Articles. Some of these may be aimed more at a specific genre, or for readers who are already experienced, but want to better their presentation, branding or marketing. For this reason these articles can be grouped by category.

They aren’t essential to get started, but also give more glimpses and highlights into the How To Be A Professional Magician Courses, as well as a place for me to put my latest thoughts and ideas. Ensure you keep up to date with this by subscribing for updates.

Although it’s likely that you already have an interest in magic, and have possibly performed before, the website is designed to take someone with absolutely NO experience in magic, teaching you core routines to develop a solid repertoire.

Since becoming a full time professional magician in 2006 I have been a successful children’s entertainer, performed close-up magic at hundreds of weddings and parties, and presented my stage mind-reading show to top corporate audiences and packed theatres. This website covers hints and tips from ALL these styles.

Not only this, the website starts you building the foundations of a solid business, setting prices, packages and developing your business, using the included template that will enable you to seek financing if required.

This builds through to creating packages, cross-selling and up-selling, and running your new career as an established business. As well as sections covering the different styles of magic and how each style is promoted, there is a full section on marketing. Again, templates are included.

Everything on this website has come directly from my experience as a full time professional magician, and uses my knowledge to get your business generating income from paid bookings within weeks.

The resources available through this website also covers the cost of setting up in business, and uses realistic models to ensure you know what you are getting into before you take the plunge.

Learn from the expensive mistakes I have made – so you don’t have to.

If you want to earn money from magic, whether part-time or as a full time professional this website is essential. The resources are designed to be a whole new business (and life-style) in a box, and if the lessons are applied then not only will you re-coup your costs within the first booking or two you do, but will give you the tools to earn a good living right up to the day you decide to retire from the magic business.

Thanks, I hope this site is of use and helps you build your magic career,