Podcast 003: What Do You Need On Your Business Cards?

How To Be A Professional Magician, Podcast 3

What Do You Need On Your Business Cards?

In this episode we ask what information you need to have on your business cards, and what you don’t.

Having a business card is essential for giving out at events and networking. It is important to balance information with design.

Don’t clutter up a business card with information that isn’t necessary. Items to avoid putting on:

  • List of types of events you work at,
  • Testimonials and reviews,
  • Postal address,
  • Job title (such as Director, or CEO).

Your business cards should be of good quality, and printed on thick card stock. Professionally printed cards on thick stock have an air of quality about them – and will be associated to you.

Make sure the design of your business card is in keeping with you brand, using the fonts and colours on your other marketing material. Avoid using existing templates and graphics provided by online business card printers.

Your business card should have:

  • Your name (or performing name),
  • Job title (such as “magician”),
  • Tag line (if you have a unique one),
  • Website address,
  • Email address,
  • Phone number,
  • Social media (only if you use it),
  • Head shot photograph.

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