Reply to Enquiries Quickly

A quick top tip. It sounds obvious, in fact, I’m sure most people (and not just magicians) will say they do this, but I’ll say it anyway:

Reply to Enquiries Quickly!!!

Here’s a quick example. I have a few suits that need some adjustments, so thought I’d see if I could find a local tailor or seamstress. I did a quick search an online business directory.

One didn’t have a website/email and when I called sounded dis-interested and gave me the bare-minimum of information (even when I asked), another had a nice website but I’ve yet to have a response to the enquiry I sent 48 hours ago.

I’ve had similar response (or lack of!) over the years from other small businesses. It’s crazy that people will pay for advertising, and do little when an enquiry comes in, then no doubt moan that they don’t get business.

In the modern world we expect results quickly – Google can return answers to the most bizarre questions in just a fraction of a second. If someone sends an email they expect the recipient will receive it within a few minutes; and to reply within an hour or two – not days!

I have often got a booking because I was the first magician they called who’s phone didn’t divert to voicemail, or because I was the first to reply to the batch of emails they sent out.

I would hope that none of the magicians reading this would let their hard won enquiries sit idle, but I recommend having a quick look through your email inbox just to make sure!

Learning more

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