Podcast 005: Do You Need Automation in Your Business?

How To Be A Professional Magician, Podcast 5

Do You Need Automation in Your Magic Business?

Automation is using a piece of software to perform tasks for you, such as replying to enquiries and sending follow up email.

You create templates and the software fills in the blank spaces, taking the information from a contact form on your website. This information will likely be their name, type of event, location and date.

The main benefit of automation is the potential client gets the information they requested straight away. If someone is looking for a magician and they shortlist you along with some other magicians to contact they will get your information whilst they are still motivated, and may even go ahead with booking you before you even realised you had had an enquiry.

If you don’t have automation and you are not available to to reply immediately it may be hours before you are able to respond with the information they requested. Not only is it likely they will no longer me so motivated, but also possible they will have already booked someone else who replied sooner.

Another benefit is the time it saves you time. Once you have invested your initial time in writing up your templates the amount of time you to need spend replying to individual enquiries will the reduced.

So do I recommend automation? Yes – but not necessarily immediately, especially if you are in the process of turning professional.

If you are in the situation that you can reply to client quickly then automation may not be required.

However, if you are busy during the daytime (which a diary full of bookings or other commitments) or magic is a side business and you have a full-time job you may not be able to get back to enquiries until later in the evening. Then automation will be very beneficial.

If you don’t feel you need automation straight away then you can simply write your templates and save them. For example, if you use Microsoft Outlook templates can be saved as signature. Then you manually fill in the blank spaces, and only takes a few minutes.

This also means that the email can be customised to the client. This is useful should it be a repeat booking, recommendation, at a venue where you are the recommended magician, local or you will already be in the area that day.

Remember that ‘people buy from people’ and customers will appreciate personalised emails (even if based on a pre-written template), and helps build more of a connection.

Then once you have replied to the enquiry simply note in your diary when you will follow them up, and those emails can also be based on templates you manually complete.

So do you need automation in your business? Yes, and no!

Having a system in place is necessary, but I personally feel the addition time spent to personalise a reply is a benefit, as long it gets sent quickly.

Do you have more spare time, or more spare money?

If you are in the processing of becoming a magician you will likely have the time available to reply, and will also want to limit your expenditure.

For an establish professional or someone in full-time employment then time will be limited, so spending a small amount on automation software will be a good investment.

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