Talking Funny – a must watch for ALL performers

I’d heard about it for years but never got round to watching it, but I wish I had sooner! If you haven’t please check out “Talking Funny”.

It features four top comedians, Ricky GervaisJerry SeinfeldChris Rock and Louis CK discussing stand-up comedy. They discuss how they got started, what drives them, how they craft a joke, their individual styles and how they develop their shows. Although they are comedians, everything they say is applicable to magicians, or any other performer.

At one point they talk about how their jokes (or ‘bits’) are like a band playing songs at a gig, and how they build up to an encore.

It’s very apparent that these guys are at the top of their game (and have consistently been there) because they had drive and passion, but also because they followed their own styles. They didn’t model themselves on others, they performed the style they want.

As well as the theory, there’s also some great practical advice to working a comedy club, hosting a show, how long a show should last and introducing other acts.

Watch the show, and keep in mind how you could take what they are talking about and how you could apply it to your performance.

Learning more

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