Proven Techniques That Work

This course isn’t just theory, but is all based on my personal experience. Since becoming a full time professional magician I admit that I have made mistakes, and you can learn from these so you don’t make them.

If I had a time machine I would take this course back to the summer of 2006 when I was in the process of putting my magic business place and tell my younger self to read it.

Although I made the transition to full-time professional and have turned it into a full time career; there I things I wish I had done in hindsight which would have established me quicker in the industry, generated more business, increased the money earned from that business and reduced a whole lot of needless expenditure. 

Talking of generating business, there is a whole Section dedicated to marketing your business. This is deliberately put after the styles of magic so you can be honing your act whilst waiting to be booked, then you can work on the finer theory and presentation as your act improves as you do more bookings.

Unlike many books on marketing I discuss not only the theory, but provide templates, even down to the emails I send to my clients. I don’t recommend cutting and pasting this text directly, but seeing how and why they work for me and adapting them to fit your requirements and style.

As I said right at the start of the Introduction, this course is fundamentally designed to turn almost anyone into a professional magician, and that can be achieved with a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach. What will really make you a success is putting on your own unique spin on the material contained within, and the brand you develop.

The layout of the course is designed to start at the beginning to work on building the business plan, then developing the basic styles of magic, marketing your act, then fine tuning it. It is recommended that you don’t skip ahead as the course does build as you continue through it.

I do hope you get a lot of information from this course, and I’m confident that if you apply the lessons within you too can earn a living from magic.