Welcome to the Course

Welcome to the How To Be A Professional Magician Course, guiding you from turning a hobby into an income.

The course is split into:

SECTIONS – Large chunks focusing on particular general area.

LESSONS – Each Section is made up from Lessons, these are more focused.

TOPICS – Many (but not all) Lessons are further divided into Topics. This is to help break larger Lessons into more manageable chunks to help with you your learning.

Although the layout of the course allows you to jump into various Sections, Lessons and Topics; it really is designed to be worked through from the very beginning. It is also recommended that you read all of the Sections, not cherry pick.

For example, if you skip ahead to the marketing section you’ll miss important information about creating a business plan – which encompasses a marketing budget.

Also keep at eye out for MATERIALS. These can be part of both Lessons and Topics, and can be downloaded and used alongside the the Lesson. Some of these are worksheets to assist you in your planning, or they could be templates.

Regarding the templates; you should adapt, edit and adjust the downloads to your needs. They are given to aid you in building your business, but one of things you’ll learn is how important it is to stand out against other magicians.

When I first started writing the course it was to be a downloadable file of pdf documents. Now this course is hosted in a secure area of the website it means I can make changes and add material. It also means that the course you have access to will evolve.

If you spot any errors, require further clarification of have requests for Lessons not currently included in the Course please let me know ([email protected]). Depending on the request can hopefully make the changes swiftly; this way the course will adapt to changes and trends not just within the business of magic, but also as new technology promotes innovations in marketing.

The course isn’t a “quick fix”. If you are serious about earning money from magic then set aside an hour or two a day to work through the course and take the necessary actions. You’ll soon find that you’ll be creating a solid foundation to build a business on, and what may start as small side income from a hobby could soon be your primary source of employment.

Thanks again, work hard and good luck!

Robert Bone
[email protected]

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