The Learn Magic page has been updated with a direct links to Amazon pages for learning magic. When I first got seriously interested in magic some of the first books I purchased were from Amazon.

Many people think you have to buy from magic dealers, but lots of the basic techniques you need to learn as a professional sleight of hand magician can be learnt from books that are in the public domain.

The other advantage is these books are also a lot cheaper than some of the more in depth books that can only be purchased through niche websites.

When putting the list together I’ve tried to include books that I have owned personally, and many of them include tricks that I (and other professional magicians) perform in their working professional repertoire. This is because many of these tricks are referred to as the “classics” of magic.

It would have been very easy to include even more, but if you have other recommendations you’d like to see added or advice on what books to start on please make a comment below.

Where to learn magic – Amazon links
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