Here’s a short tutorial covering the basics for magicians at Wedding Fairs. The video is packed with essential information you need before financially committing yourself to promoting your services at a wedding fair.


It only lasts 6 minutes, but the video is completely packed with information. It starts with the very basics, and covers the rough strategy for generating paid business.

  • What is a Wedding Fair?
  • What makes a good Wedding Fair
  • What you need to prepare before you go
  • What you need to do when you’re there
  • What tricks you should, and shouldn’t do
  • What to say and do to get more leads
  • What you should offer
  • What you should do after the wedding fair

So, what qualifies me to talk about wedding fairs? Well, I’ve been a full time professional magician for 9 years, and over the last couple of year 80% of my business has been performing magic at weddings, and the majority of those bookings have come off the back attending wedding fairs.

And I’ve done lots. In 2013 and 2014 I attended 19 fairs per year on average. That is a lot of Sundays spent promoting myself to brides and grooms, that’s a lot of financial commitment I’ve invested in attending, and that’s a lot of experience and knowledge I can impart.

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If you want a more in depth study for magicians at wedding fairs then make sure you check out the courses. There is a whole section in the full How To Be A Professional Magician Course, including a chapter for magicians at wedding fair. Alternatively you can get the Wedding Magician Course, which focusses on just the wedding aspect of being a professional magician.

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Hints and Tips for Magicians at Wedding Fairs – Video
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