Reply to Enquiries Quickly

A quick top tip. It sounds obvious, in fact, I’m sure most people (and not just magicians) will say they do this, but I’ll say it anyway: Reply to Enquiries Quickly!!! Here’s a quick example. I have a few suits that need some adjustments, so thought I’d see if I could find a local tailor […]

Making Your Magic Brand Stand Out

Making your magic brand and finding your style is half the battle when it comes to unique marketing and standing out from your competitors. When most people think of branding they think of a company’s logo, but there’s more to it than that. If you haven’t already, read the lesson on branding. Here are a […]

Wedding Fair Advice for Magicians

Good marketing involves combining a range of methods to generate booking enquiries. One of these methods I find best is attending weddings fairs – during 2013 and 2014 I averaged 19 wedding fairs per year – and it’s this subject I get asked about most. Therefore, here’s my wedding fair advice for magicians: What is […]